Leadership Development Coaching

Our leadership development coaches will empower you with the insight and skills to help you reach peak performance and achieve long lasting results for your organisation.

Why seek out our leadership development coaching?

Stevie Kidd will help you discover the driving forces and reasons behind people’s actions and behavior, and learn how to influence their choices and help them overcome any obstacle.

Unlike other leadership training programs, Leadership Academy teaches you skills from the best of the best in Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Persuasion, Non-Verbal Communication and Inspirational Coaching.

Stevie Kidd will equip with the insight and skills to step into any situation and radically improve anyone’s quality of life.

What you will achieve:

Our leadership coaching will help you reach your peak performance and start getting lasting results by helping you:


    All great leaders possess a similar psychology. Learn the different types of leaders and discover your own strengths.


    Gain the tools to break through your limitations and step out as a leader.


    Leaders are turned to in times of uncertainty. Gain the confidence required to inspire others as you learn the 3 mandates of leadership. Discover what motivates people and tools to create change.


    Leadership begins with your ability to persuade and connect. Learn to engage and captivate any audience from beginning to end for a powerful, lasting impact.

Some clients

Stevie Kidd has delivered leadership coaching services to some of the best people and biggest brands in the business and a small sample is shown below:

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Logo
  • marks-spencer-logo
  • Alliance Healthcare Logo
  • LivingWellDisabilityServices
  • Pirtek logo
  • Strathclyde Pharma Logo

Empower yourself with coaching.

Don’t settle for less. Regardless of any obstacle you might be facing, you can accomplish your leadership goals with your coach by your side. Packages start from 1/2 day per month

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