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Stevie Kidd Through the Eyes of Gina McKie

At the end of last year, Stevie’s drive and determination inspired renown journalist Gina McKie to write a fantastic article for the Scottish Woman Magazine, called ‘Runaway Success’.

In the article she explored what it takes to transform your mindset from an ordinary person into an endurance athlete, and why would someone like Stevie do that in the first place?

If you missed it you can download a digital copy here Runaway success.

If you also feel inspired, take our Wheel of Life test to find out where to start the change to become the person you always thought you should be.

Stevie KStevie Kidd Through the Eyes of Gina McKie
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10 of the Biggest Challenges Businesses Need to Overcome

New businesses are never properly prepared for the plethora of problems that could come their way. This can result in owners becoming bogged down with day to day issues that negatively affect their health, well-being, and staff performance and prevent them from leading the business effectively.

I set up my first business in 1986 and ever since I have been observing and solving problems throughout the course of running them.  For the last 15 years, I have been using my experience to support and mentor other businesses to achieve growth and success.

Below I have compiled a list of the most common things I have encountered throughout my 30 years in business. They are often the most frequent challenges that cause worry and concern for business leaders. I have also provided some counter strategies deal with them.

I often start by asking the question “Who are you?”. And you may be surprised to hear that most business owners struggle to answer.

The reason I ask this is because if we know the answer we can create a business and personal vision that not only gives real purpose and identity but aligns our personal and business lives. This, in turn, allows us to maintain focus on positive outcomes and continue to become more successful even through the hard times.

This is why the first thing I focus on is to develop, understand and invest in YOU to find and maintain that optimal mindset – no matter what.

The key to success is sorting out these areas both personally and professionally – not just in terms of business strategy, but as personal strategy too. This is where I spend most of my time to support businesses and make them successful.


Lack of Money is the major cause that leads to business failure. For a new venture, the entrepreneur is expecting an instant profit. Learn to align a timeline 2 to 3 years for success and understand profits rarely come overnight.


The word ‘time’ is a real challenge for business owners even though time does not exist. When you have no plan, solid structure, small chunks, KPIs, communication strategy or business strategy, in particular, time is represented within your mind differently. Emotions are something that we go through many of each day within the business for lots of different reasons, but where we live within our emotional wheel daily, determine the speed of time within your mind. Areas of development for leaders to become more productive lies within the 30 years of personal development I have undertaken personally. Understanding your Neurology, your mind, your triggers, your emotions run alongside modelling of business strategy.

3. Lack of Business Acumen

The biggest mistake I discovered back in 1987 was attempting to do everything on my own which actually put me in hospital. Because I model excellence of people who get the results I saw that the best leaders had mentors themselves and I realised I had to get myself a coach and you should too. Research your coach thoroughly – rapport, trust and honesty along with an aligned vision will create a partnership that will work for you. Having a mindset where you let yourself know daily “you know nothing” or ” everything you do needs work” will soon accelerate you down a path where you will acquire the right support around you. No matter who we are in life we can always find a better way, best strategy model, mirror, and get professional coaching / consulting support. You will quickly discover it’s an investment and likely to be the best one you will ever make

4. Over Chunking/Overload

In business with lack of strategy, we operate to Assumptions, which lead to overloading your mind with Over chunking which leads to anxiety and meltdown. When you operate in this frequency within, you shut down. An average heart rate of 100 plus causing the wrong type of emotions. What determines the frequency of your brain waves are emotions and any emotion affects your brain waves.

Let me define an emotion as I have come to use the term as it may be different from what you think. An emotion to me is any thought that has a like or dislike attached to it. The more we like or dislike something the more emotional we become. This then brings us to a conclusion that determines the frequency of our brain waves and to what degree our emotions are affected at any given time of measurement. The higher the frequency of your brain waves, the less your mind is in use and mastery of these are paramount to success. Let’s take two of the most common emotional states in business, anger and fear; Anger has a variety of degrees; anger could be an annoyance, irritation, resentment and growing higher on the scale, anger when not contained ultimately turns into rage, and fury. The higher up the scale, the more elevated the brainwave. So if, for example, your normal brain wave frequency is 21 and here this is felt as being a little angry what happens if your brainwave frequency rises to 30? Here you are likely to get irritated and so concentrative on the person or situation that made you angry you find it difficult to think about anything else. When anger turns into rage,  up go the brainwaves again. You stop thinking altogether and you now use very little of your mind, no longer considering the consequences, which can cause big trouble…

Fear is similar as when fear turns into panic you also use very little of your mind. People in a state of panic run into walls, jump into oceans, and follow crowds to places they’re unfamiliar with; all because their minds stopped working.

5. Lack of Direction and Planning

Entrepreneurs get caught up in setting the business up that they are unaware most of the time in how to strategise the business plan. It’s important to go to the end and work back. Doing this will allow you to project financially the different milestones for growth. Another reason why to invest in coach, consultant or even a non-executive. This way you take breaks like stops at a service station to check you’re on the right course. Create a Business Canvas or Business plan and implement it so that stage changes can be made to coordinates and map out the path ahead.

6. Working in the Business rather than Working on the Business

A lot of the time this is down to cash flow, not wanting to delegate, or let go of the reigns, or even not knowing how to stop being so hands-on to make the transition into working on the business leading the strategy and anticipating the changes that lie ahead.

Then you have the question “when is the time right to change the psychology of working ‘on’ rather than ‘in’.” For a business leader, it’s important that you are the chess player and not a chess piece.

7. Innovation

Companies tend to stick to what they know – the ‘same old’. But this can foster a lack of creativity and innovation. The way to change this is to introduce a culture where you discover and accept reality – a reality that is constantly changing so needs to be challenged. By expecting and embracing change we create an atmosphere where innovation can not only develop, but thrive. The creation of this culture has to be led by the front where leaders set the energy, passion and lead by example. Bring your people to your meetings, communicate with passion, install belied within everyone within your organisation and encourage them to share ideas and more importantly let them try them out.

8. Trying to Do It Alone

Fear. Thinking you are a failure. Believing you do not need help. Embedded Beliefs. These are just some of the areas that keep people in a place of trying to do it all alone. When you do this, as you grow the areas that suffer are quality, mistakes appear, deadlines are missed and you lose customers. Its far better to invest support and maintain successful growth, this way you are always in a peak state, held accountable – but fast-tracked to success. You hit your pillow at night and can “SLEEP PEACEFULLY”

People tend to only take action and get support when it’s too late. It’s like going to the dentist the painkillers or fillings when the pain is too bad are not easing the pain. Only then will you take decisive action for support.

9. Getting Clients – Your Elevator Pitch

For a new business, it is difficult to attract prospects and retain customers. This could be because of financial restraints in a marketing budget or even a lack of accounts or steady growth leads potential customers to go with bigger, sustainable suppliers as they feel its a safer option.

The secret to success in this area is knowing you when and who you pitch to and understand your strengths that are needed by them. Also, you must know your elevator pitch and business model inside out – from products to costs.

Can you execute a personal pitch and business pitch in 30 seconds. Having these qualities bring charisma, confidence, leads, law of attraction ……….

10. Think Big & Tell The World Through World-Class Marketing

No one knows about you as an entrepreneur or a business because you are not telling them. Quite often this is because projections and sales targets haven’t been thought through and planned out properly. If this is not your focus marketing falls down the pecking order.

I utilise a business canvas which allows businesses to illustrate the model, then at this stage, you can align a budget and strategy for marketing.

Another area of opportunity missed is areas and tools used to market, social media/digital marketing being one that is underutilised because its an unknown of knowledge, so businesses procrastinate.


If any of the above resonates with you its time to think about a different approach.

Why not take our free Wheel of Life assessment and claim a free ½ hour business and personal coaching session.

Stevie K10 of the Biggest Challenges Businesses Need to Overcome
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Taking on Everest: My Journey to the Highest Marathon in the World

One week from today I will be sitting on a plane on the way to tackle the most unbelievable challenge of my life so far: taking on the highest marathon in the world. And, if the marathon itself wasn’t enough, I will climb to the summit of Everest, not once, but twice, in the days before the run in order to acclimatise to the lack of oxygen. Only after these two climbs will I be able to begin the marathon from Everest base camp.

Everyone has their own Everest to climb. My own? Scaling Everest itself!

One week from today I will be sitting on a plane on the way to tackle the most unbelievable challenge of my life so far: taking on the highest marathon in the world. And, if the marathon itself wasn’t enough, I will climb to the summit of Everest, not once, but twice, in the days before the run in order to acclimatise to the lack of oxygen. Only after these two climbs will I be able to begin the marathon from Everest base camp.

The road to getting there? Well, it’s been shorter than you could ever believe. Just two years ago, I was a non-runner. Seriously. With just 27 weeks of training, I ran the Great Wall of China Marathon. Next, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro…and then ran the Kilimanjaro Marathon the day after it. In between, there’s even been time and energy left over for me to take part in marathons and half marathons across the UK.

Through chasing my unique vision, and as a business/performance coach and entrepreneur I “walk the talk” in every second of my life. My secret to success? Using a tool called the Wheel of Life to enable growth and enact change in every aspect of my life, which I will not only talk through in more detail below but also will give you the chance to take the evaluation for yourself.

But how has the road to Everest been possible? Let me explain the how, as well as the why, by taking you through my own vision and 16-point strategy below: theory against practical.

#1 Live Unconsciously

I go to the unconscious world in order to bring it into the conscious mind.

Whether it is in my business life or training for an endurance event, I escape to the unconscious world and go into a daydream state in order to create the innovation and challenge today’s reality. When I’m in this unconscious world, I live and breathe the full event that I am aiming to complete, or I take myself to the end of the business innovation idea, seeing it manifest into reality; turning metal to gold, making the invisible, visible. You see, I have already taken my mind through the whole process and absolutely believed what I manifested in my mind.

Through living this whole event unconsciously, I’ve actually become quite emotional consciously on many occasions, due to the power of feeling like I’ve already experienced what I’m setting out to do. Think of it as time travel; delving into your future self, creating your future self, meeting your future self, and actually becoming merged with your future self.

#2 My Soul Mate

Lesley, my wife of 25 years is my energy source and my solar system.

We both live by our own ‘life maps’, which are concerned with respecting our individual teams. Every one of us should have two teams. Team one consists of yourself; so Stevie is the sole member of his team one, and Lesley is the sole member of her own. No-one else is allowed in. Taking care of team one first and foremost is of vital importance. Team two is comprised of both Stevie and Lesley together. Getting this right from the start is what’s essential to lay the foundations for formulating strategies, or else the training and the event itself cannot begin to go well even in your own mind. When I have Lesley beside me I am fuelled with unbelievable strength and believe that anything is possible.

#3 Creating a Legacy

Life has to have meaning and to achieve that we should all strive to leave a footprint on the planet that remains long after you’re gone.

For me, one of the most important aspects of adding such meaning to life is through supporting charities.  Raising funds for charities that myself and Lesley truly care for fuels our spirits and is why I have done throughout my life. With every event and challenge I undertake, charities are always part of the journey.

Right now, we are continuing to raise funds for Combat Stress, the UK’s leading charity for veteran’s mental health, dealing with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD. If you are able to contribute a donation, however large or small, every penny will be appreciated and put to essential use. Donate here.

Everest marathon vest

Everest marathon vest

Leading a life with no limits further creates a legacy for me. I adopt strap lines to keep myself grounded, all gleaned from my time being developed under John La Valle in America, who also lives by these mantras:

  • “I know nothing” Having this mindset drives me to discover what I do and do not know.
  • “Everything I do needs work” Drive to model excellence and be better than who I was yesterday.
  • “Keep talking” Keep talking to maintain the healthiness of relationships.

#4 Have ‘The End’ in Mind

As soon as I pursue a new challenge, I automatically bring the ‘finisher’ to life.

This is the Stevie that is already standing at the finish line, having accomplished the task, medal draped around his neck, and is saying, “That was easy!”. This then acts at my real, tangible target, and this character follows me around everywhere until the task is complete. He’s a humorous, good-spirited character who is always in a positive state of mind. This drives me to be motivated beyond belief.

#5 Visualisation & Kinaesthetics 

I’ve been visual all my life, with feelings and emotions driving me forward.

To escape, I use visualisation by producing the perfect movie with unbelievable sound and image quality within my mind – my very own 360 degree IMAX! I jump between association to disassociation, sitting in this cinema watching what I’ve created, and believing with every fibre of my being that what I see will come to fruition. I connect with, amplify, and feel it so vividly that sometimes I actually believe that I’ve already completed the event. It’s all about VAK learning: using video, auditory and kinestethic (movement) to determine the dominant learning style.

#6 Find Best Coaching Possible 

To coach, one must be coached, but then go further than the coach himself.

Before I meet any coaches, I check their credentials and then meet in person to give them the opportunity to discuss my own life map – not the event itself – but my legacy. This best helps to identify if the coach can help me to achieve what is contained in this life map, and do more for me than the norm. I take my coaches on the journey with me, every step of the way, and I always acquire coaches who have already achieved the task that I want to achieve, and then I simply model it. I’ve learned that you cannot do it alone. You need to determine who you are, who your role models are, but then aim beyond the limits of your role model.

#7 Quantum Jumping

I coach a wealth of clients in the area of Quantum Jumping and through the course: Jump Into A Universe Of Infinite Possibilities. The Abundant You. The Inventor You. The Creative You. In Alternate Universes, Everything You Desire May Have Already Taken Place. Tap Into This Infinite Potential With Quantum Jumping. 

In essence, I’ve already ‘jumped’ into the universe where I’m clearly looking at the past, a past in which I have already completed the Everest Marathon. This is escapism of the conscious world to enter an unconscious one, starting with a daydream state, where my heart rate reduces to around 57 bpm. This is a place of no emotion where I then create the future movie in my mind, believing beyond all certainty that I’ve already achieved it.

The more you use quantum jumping to seek out your twin self who has already solved the problem, the more successful you will be. This brings me on to my next strategy.

#8 Twinning

From the moment I set a goal, I create a twin who has already completed it. I then connect to that person wholly.

I continue to map out twins of myself – when I trained for the Kilimanjaro Marathon I created 64 twins of myself from start to finish.

We all carry our twins around with us subconsciously and begs the questions: which strategies are you using, and which voices are you listening to?

#9 Meditation

This is when I take time to visit my Creative Room – I put myself into a state where I create this room within my mind. Think of it as quantum jumping, with a twist.

When I meditate, I’ll sit outside of the Room and enter only when all of the people inside are seated and give me permission.

As I enter, I see eight widescreen TVs on the wall with 12 seats positioned around a table, like a boardroom. The TVs are turned on and I take a seat. Seated around the table with me are role models from throughout my life. The Chairperson is Sir Alex Ferguson today (but sometimes Muhammad Ali is there, usually dancing!).

On the screens, past, present and future movies of my life are showing, usually highlighting my current day or the history of whatever challenge for which I am currently training. The purpose of this is so that my role models may provide: feedback on my progress, words of wisdom, as well as advice; on what to do next.

When I leave the Room, I am ready to make the changes required to succeed. I call this ‘the power of your imagination’. It’s a time to reevaluate and use all of the senses and magnify them. This process only takes about three-five minutes for me to complete every day.

Forms of mediation exist in other areas of my daily life too. For example, I might visually walk a nature trail three times per day to gather and align my thoughts. Another huge part of my optimum strategy is physical exercise at my local David Lloyd gym. An essential cog of my daily routine for almost 15 years, this too is a place of escapism.

#10 Visionary Leadership

Since following Sir Alex Ferguson from the age of 12, I have embedded this leadership style into my own life.

This is underpinned by leading by example. You set the bar high, both for the personal and professionals areas of your life, and refuse to fall below it. You need to know who you are and what you want, recognising your role models’ levels, but then aiming far beyond that and operating at a higher frequency than them. It’s all about looking at the world from above and looking down – having a view from outside of oneself.

#11 My Inner Circle

To make sure that you can then be on this right frequency, it’s imperative that you surround yourself with the right people who keep you there.

Surround yourself with successful people who do things beyond where you are today, and then feed off this energy. I surround myself with people whose values and energies align with my own.

After you’ve spent time with the various people in your life, ask yourself, “How did that time spent with them make you feel?”. You should walk away feeling good about yourself, never negative. However, it is not the people that influence these feelings – it is to do with yourself, not them. You need to either influence change or enact change.

#12 Self Discovery

I wake up and tell myself, “I know nothing”, and this in itself then becomes a driver for my life.

You must be vigilant in striving for consistent reinvention. Develop yourself every single day in order to discover more. Through this activity, I change constantly. If you meet me today, and then again in a year, I will be a completely different Stevie Kidd.

One of my life’s main focuses is neurology; understanding what lies within us all. An area in which I excel is discovering my emotions, the triggers to these emotions, and which of these emotions I feel the majority of the time. At this point, I will link my heart rate to where I live – not in terms of the location – but in relation to my mind i.e. the past, present or future. However, I only ever visit the past in order to recall successes from history.

Endurance is always about growth and strength, both physically and mentally. I search for this through the optimum level within my mind.

Understanding my emotions is what enables me to stretch myself beyond perceived limitations, so, in essence, I see no limits.

Let me illustrate this neurology further with this extract from ‘Practice Beauty, The Art and Neuroscience of Freedom”:

There is a place where all things begin, the place of pure energy that simply “is” the place of the power that awaits us when we allow ourselves to venture beyond the limits of what we have always believed to be possible in our lives. Joining the long-separated worlds of science and spirit. Accessing the most powerful tools from each discipline creates a fertile environment to awaken to the power of the higher brain. To awaken to the experience of inner peace, vast insight and extraordinary creativity that defines the experience of enlightenment. Learn to expect what you can’t imagine will happen.

#13 Life Balance

This is where the Wheel of Life comes into play. Getting a 360-degree view of every aspect of my life is one strategy that I must ensure to adopt in all of my training.

I have a control panel in my head which I will visit every week (with clients, we will do this visually). I have a traffic light system for different areas of life: if an area is flashing red, it must be addressed right away. This is essential activity in order to be able to stay in a good state of mind all of the time, reaching a veritable utopia. If this balance is not aligned, neither will I be.

The moral is consistency. The consistency of three areas: Who were you; who are you; and, are you on track to becoming who you want to be?

However, each time you inch closer to each of these aspects, you must continue to push those limits out even further, becoming both closer and further away from them again all at once.

#14 Language

How you use and see dialogue and language, and more importantly, how you put it across to yourself and others, is key. Using tonality, pitch and vocabulary, you can emulate the person you want to be and influence change.

Internal dialogue (going back to the control panel in my mind) is just as important, if not more. This internal dialogue? It is one of constant affirmation, only engaging with positive language, and thereafter emitting this positive state of mind out into the rest of the world and via every interaction that I have.

#15 Where I Live

No, not my country, town or street number. Where I live inside my head. Where exactly is that? The present and the future. Always.

Ben Lomond Summit

Never in the past. Once the past has happened it’s history. What is the point of living there any longer?

I truly live in an emotional state that is consistently calm and highly positive (yes, consistency is possible!), and I really mean that I live this throughout every minute of my awakened state.

How to achieve this? Learn how to stay attuned to your sixth sense and intuition, as well as be able to follow and listen to your heart.

With so much hate in the world, it’s all about loving and giving, as well as having right people around you, rather than spreading any more hate.

#16 My Boys & My Family

My son, Ryan, is the ultimate meaning of father and son. I am further privileged to have my two stepsons, Andrew and Martin, in my life. I strive to be the example for them all, to set the bar high for them to be able to outdo my own legacy, to achieve greater accomplishments than my own.

Being the example for my boys gives me the purpose to keep going with every feat I aim for, even when I think I have nothing left in me. And now, with the newest addition to our family arriving this month in the form of my granddaughter, Sophia, and also Jordan our grandson, I am even more blessed and have another reason to keep going.

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

So what’s the first step for you? Taking the Wheel of Life evaluation here is the first piece of self-development activity that you can take to identify areas of imbalance in your own life, which will then help you to create goals and set priorities based on your vision. No matter how happy we are, we all have areas in which we could be doing better. Many people find that they can get one or two aspects of their life right some of the time, but what if I told you that you could have it all, all of the time? Those who partner with me ultimately have the opportunity to adopt this optimum state of mind which has led me to Everest, and they can use it to achieve any desire they have in their own life.

See you on the other side, of Everest…

Stevie KTaking on Everest: My Journey to the Highest Marathon in the World
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