Business Strategy

We work with senior business leaders to develop proven strategies that will help your organisation thrive in any economic market.

Why seek out business coaching?

Even when you’re near the top of your industry, there are opportunities to raise your standards of success. Success comes in many forms, including gaining knowledge and the skill set to increase sales and become the best business possible.

  • Adopt a winning mindset

    Life will never go as planned. There will always be undesirable surprises. But rather than telling yourself that you have either lost something, have less of something, or will never have what it is you want, make the command decision to focus on adopting an abundance mindset and focusing on what you can be grateful for.

  • Create a map

    Once you have absolute clarity about the exact result you want and why you must achieve it, the next step is to create the MAP to get yourself there.

  • Get more clients

    Grow your business and accomplish your goals with a results coach by your side.

  • Out innovate your competition

    We strive to understand what makes you tick, what do you want to achieve, what is end goal look like for you so that you will continue to develop.

  • Increase revenue

    What is your business proposition? Why are you unique? Why do people buy from you not your competition? We will help you set out how you make a difference.

  • Reduce risk

    Develop KPI’s to measure monitor and improve every aspect of your business and personal life to achieve your goals.

  • Accelerate growth

    Make sure you successfully implement your strategies by maintaining and developing your contact circles – staff, customers & personal.

  • Create lifetime clients

    Develop an effective leadership & confident management style to lead change within your organisation and workforce.

  • Stevie is an incredible Business Performance Coach with REAL methods to CREATE REAL TRANSFORMATION! Take action today! Learn from him... your life will ENHANCE!

    Paul Cosens, Business Owner
  • Stevie understands people and why we do what we do better than anyone I have ever met. He has studied NLP exclusively with co-founder Dr Bandler over a number of years but also draws heavily upon 25 years in business to create what is a life changing experience on his programmes for executives and senior teams. Stevie is a catalyst for change and strives to help people achieve beyond their self imposed limitations. I would highly recommend working with him.

    Alan Thornburrow, CEO Scottish Investment opportunities
  • Having used Stevie as a consultant for our business, staff training and also personal development I have to say firstly, what an experience to work with such a fast paced man but in spite of this he can make it feel like you are the only person in the world! With use of his incredible communication skills. Stevie inspires me to be a better leader and the business to be greater in every aspect, who doesn’t want these results?

    Karen McNulty, Director

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